used truck camion usati

Used Truck busies itself with the trade of new and used vehicles. The proposals of moving-land machines and industrial vehicles is very ample. In the past, vehicles came from foreign countries, however in recent years, thanks to the excellent purchasing skills of development in Italy: they decided to operate directly in this country.
The strong purchasing skills of all types of industrial machineries and moving-land machines in Italy easily satisfies all foreign customers requests from: Eastern Europe to the Middle East, from Northern Africa to South America, and from Central Africa to Arab countries.
The credit for this success is the result of the professionalism

of the owners Taleb Asaad and Alkhatib Mohamad, who have become known over the years as a result of the sales of used vehicles and have been appreciated by all the other operators of the same sector.
No doubt its staff and employees plays a big role in the success of Used Trucks and carries out a full transport service of the vehicles to the embarkation-points for their clients. Used Truck is ready to satisfy every requirements of its customers.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to undertake a productive relationship of collaboration, solid and durable dedication to industrial vehicles and moving-land machines.